Want to Outsource Your Blog Writing? Here Are Your Options

September 02, 2021 | Althea Kelsey | Online Courses

Want to Outsource Your Blog Writing? Here Are Your Options

During the pandemic majority of the people switched to freelancing because of the worldwide lockdown. Ever since then, the trend of online work has increased. You can use numerous skills to work as a freelancer; however, blog writing, web development, SEO, social media marketing, and graphic designing rank among the best.

However, in this article, we’ll discuss more blog writing and outsourcing. So, let’s begin.

According to the studies, an experienced writer requires almost 6 hours to produce a high-quality blog of nearly 2000 words. That means that a less professional writer will need more than that to deliver an exceptional blog post.

Want to Outsource Your Blog Writing? Here Are Your Options

In simple words, writing takes time. And excellent writing – the persuasive ones, effectively optimized, transparent, and relates to a purpose takes even longer.

Why is Outsourcing your Blogs a Good Option?

  1. You being the only person writing your blogs can make them dull. Since there is no shift, no change in perspective, and the same pattern in writing, therefore, your blogs might seem monotonous. Hiring more writers can add a little perspective and make it distinctive.
  2. If you think you’re not good enough at writing, then outsourcing is the best choice.
  3. There is a lot of talent available online. This means if you hire a content writer online, then you can turn those ordinary blogs into something seamlessly unique.
  4. If you’re stuck with home chores, your full-time job, or any other commitment, hand over your work to a professional blog writer and see the change.

Your Blog Writing Options:

The need for effective SEO blog posts is one of the many reasons why most blog writers often outsource their blog writing. The good news is that you have numerous distinctive outsourcing blog writing options. Here we have compiled a list that will help you figure out the perfect outsourcing blog writing option. Read on.

Hire Independent Freelance Writers:

A self-employed contractor who works with you part-time and writes blogs for you is an independent freelance writer. They offer writing services and skills directly to the clients. Apart from blog writing, they also offer other writing services like press releases, copywriting, script writing, and web content. You can find these freelancers on different online platforms like Upwork, PeoplePerWork, or Fiverr. Make sure you hire the ones who have a solid personal brand and a good writing reputation.

Hire Independent Freelance Writers

Gig-based Freelancers:

Above, we have discussed that independent writers have mostly built their branded business to offer writing services. Yet, those independent freelancers initially started by taking projects through gig-based sites.

The good thing is that you can easily find a writer through these platforms. Most writers are experts in various fields; therefore, finding a writer according to your requirements is somewhat convenient.

Gig-based Freelancers


You can also contact the different agencies that provide content writing services. The services such agencies offer often vary, and writing is one part of their services. The good thing is that these agencies have several writers on their team, so if one doesn’t seem to provide the services up to the mark, you can ask to assign a new one.

Moreover, you can also get a full-time writer or multiple writers at once who are entirely devoted to completing your tasks. Writers working with the agencies are thoroughly trained, which means you’ll be safe from the hassle to some extent.


Content Marketplaces:

Content marketplaces provide the perfect match for your blog writing tasks. They are pretty similar to gig-based websites and content-writing agencies, but few things make them distinguishable.

The rate is fixed for every content piece, which means writers consider all tasks equally. Moreover, content marketplaces choose the writers carefully to ensure every writer is working in the proper domains and niches.

The good thing about hiring a writer through content marketplaces is that the projects are completed and delivered urgently; however, you are not charged extra. Amazing, right?

Final Thoughts:

It is pretty clear from the article that you have numerous options for outsourcing your blog’s content.

Here’s a tip; you can choose two or three different options to meet your needs best. So carefully choose which one suits you. Keep your requirements, budget, and time frame in mind before choosing the right one.

To find out more about blogging and outsourcing, stay connected.